Taxis in Rome

Taxis in Rome

Taxis in Rome, let alone any foreign nation, are never as simple as they appear. Add a language barrier and a cunning taxi driver to the mix, and you may very well begin your journey in the eternal city on the wrong foot. Not to worry, we’re going to empower you with some ideas that will perhaps help you defend yourself better!

As you depart the airports, you may hear “Taxi, cab” or be accosted immediately by someone attempting to recruit you for a taxi. While some may have a badge with the word “Taxi” on it, be assured that these individuals are not “official taxi drivers.” Rather than that, they are illegal drivers impersonating taxi drivers and will very certainly charge you far more than the standard rate. The genuine taxi drivers may be found at the stand marked “TAXI” right outside the arrivals terminal. Taxis in Rome are white and with an insignia reading “Comune di Roma” on the side door.

Once you’ve arrived at the taxi stand, it’s critical to understand how much you’ll be charged. The city of Rome enacted a flat fixed fee between the Fiumicino and Ciampino airports to the city center and within the Aurelian Walls. The flat price from Ciampino Airport is €30. However, the fare from Fiumicino Airport by a rome airport taxi is €45. Additionally, there is a set charge of €60 for cabs traveling between Fiumicino and Rome’s city center. Therefore, when waiting in line at the taxi stand, ensure that your taxi’s license plate says “Comune di Roma” and not “Comune di Fiumicino,” or your taxi fee will be slightly higher. Luggage is always included in the price.

If you are unclear if you qualify for the fixed fee or whether your hotel is located within the Aurelian walls, see this map on the City of Rome’s website.

As with the airport, you will almost certainly encounter unlicensed taxi drivers soliciting you for a ride. They often stand near the taxi stand in front of the station’s main entrance. If you plan to take a cab from here, a €2 surcharge will be applied to the total cost at the conclusion of your journey. Alternatively, book a hotel near Termini Station and request a taxi from reception.

The following is a list of fares:

Monday through Saturday, between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., the meter begins at €2,80.

The meter begins at €4,00 on Sundays and holidays.

From 10 p.m. until 7 a.m., night prices are €5,80.

* Each piece of baggage with the dimensions 35x25x50 cm costs €1,04.

Unlike in many other big cities, hailing a taxi cab in Rome is uncommon, but not impossible. If cabs are available, the light on the Taxi sign above the cab will be activated. If the light is not on, they are either occupied or in route to pick up a passenger. The quickest way to hail a cab is to either walk to a taxi stand or phone for one.

Numerous taxi stops are located around Rome. The Termini Station, Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza Venezia, Largo Argentina, Piazza delle Cinque Lune (near Piazza Navona), Piazza Barberini, and Via Boncompagni are among the most popular (near Via Veneto).

Otherwise, you can dial any of the following numbers to get a cab inside Rome: 06 3570, 06 4994, 06 6645, 06 5551, or 06 8822.

Finally, ensure that the meter reads “Tariffa 1” when riding a cab within the city center or other districts of Rome. Occasionally, dishonest taxi drivers set the meter to “Tariffa 2” when they know they are carrying naïve visitors. The “Tariffa 2” is significantly speedier and should be used just when leaving Rome’s highway or G.R.A. (Grande Raccordo Anulare). If this rate is used, the taxi driver is required by law to inform passengers whenever the meter is due to be changed to “Tariffa 2.” The number is either in the far left-hand corner or bottom right-hand corner, depending on the kind of taxi meter.

If you believe you have been duped by a taxi driver, the driver’s license number is written on a metal plate on the passenger side’s left door. Obtain a receipt or ricevuta and jot down the plate’s name and number. Additionally, you should record the taxi company you hired (i.e. 3570 or 6645) and the number inscribed on the outside of the door (i.e. Napoli 34 or Milano 22). You may submit a complaint with the cab company using this information and should be reimbursed.