Paros Taxis

Paros National Airport (PAS) has only one terminal building – taxis pick up or drop-off right outside. The ride into the capital city of the island, Parikias, is only 18 minutes. The distance is 11.1 km, costing roughly 20.00 Euros for 3 people sharing a private taxi.

Meet & Greet services are offered by several companies on Paros. The driver waits, holding a sign with the passenger’s name, in the hall. Most companies on the island offer shuttle services, minibuses, some even coaches, so no matter how small or large your holiday or business party happens to be, there will be a Paros Airport taxi transfer available for your needs.

Taxis can be booked in advance online using the form above.

Taxis to or from Paros Airport travel to the various towns and villages either via the Epar.Od. Parikias – Pountas, Parikias – Piso Livodiou or Epar.Od. Parikias and Parikias-Naoussa routes.

Paros Taxi Services, tel +30 6944 540 556, are a Naoussa-based company offering Meet & Greet services. The taxi firm provides transport all over the island as well as shuttle services to and from PAS.

Paros Taxis Karousos, tel +30 694 413 8995, operates mostly Mercedes Benz vehicles on a fixed price basis that includes all extras, such as additional baggage. The company has a fleet that includes coaches and minibuses.

Taxis Paros, tel +30 69 7027 6866, also offers a Meet & Greet services for their Paros Airport taxis transfers.

Distances from Paros Airport:

Taxis Paros Airport to Parikias center travel via the Epar.Od. Parikias-Pountas route for the 11.1 km trip.
To Marpissa it takes 26 minutes to reach the town center via the Epar.Od. Parikias-Pountas and Epar.Od. Parikias-Piso Livodiou routes, 20.6 km in total
Lefkes is also just 20.6 km from Paros Airport, taking both above mentioned routes

Taxis from/to Paros Airport take ca 27 minutes from/to Naoussa, which lies 19.9 km distance from the airport via the Parikias-Pountas and Parikias-Naoussa routes.

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